About us

About Gimar

Gimar & Co is an independent firm dedicated to advising a broad spectrum of clients around the world on strategic and financial matters.

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We have and will always put our clients first

  • While there is no single formula for a successful outcome, this oath is the framework for every tailor-made solution we develop.
  • This historically groundbreaking model has attracted backing of a prestigious shareholder base of leading insurance companies and financial institutions including Azur-GMF, Caisse des Dépôts, CNP Assurances, Compagnie Financière Privée, Groupama, MAAF, MACSF, and Société Centrale Prévoir.
  • Many of these institutions continue to place their confidence in Gimar, whether they participate on its Supervisory Board or work with us as loyal and regular clients.

Group 12

Excellence is our only standard

  • To this end, with our gaze toward future growth and innovation, we welcomed Fintech expert Stéphane Olmi into the team in 2020.
  • This union combines Gimar’s recognized M&A advisory to major economic players with cutting edge expertise in M&A transactions as well as fundraising in Fintech and the financial services sector.

Group 12
Group 12

Beyond the numbers

  • We view our shared endeavors as avenues for generating and celebrating human pioneering, something we are passionate about as a company and as individuals. Outside our sphere of operations, Gimar mirrors this through repeated cultural patronage of the arts:
    • 2009 – Le Louvre: The first altarpieces, 12th – early 15th century.
    • 2016 – Christian Giacomotto’s, (President of the International Society of Friends of the Bardo in Tunis) sponsorship agreement with the MUCEM for the “Shared Holy Places” exhibition.
    • 2018 – Christian Giacomotto’s, via ARMMA, patronage of the Cluny Museum / Louvre Abu-Dhabi of the exhibition Furusiyya, the art of chivalry. Annual – Attribution of Prix de La Dame à la Licorne for a written work to enter the Musée de Cluny’s collection.
    • 2019 – Gimar’s patronage of the INHA (National Institute for the History of Art): aid for the research program on southern enamels.

Our Values

Our culture is trust

  • Since 1999, Gimar has provided independent, impartial guidance through the guarantees of its SCA (partnership limited by shares) structure.
  • Our project support is absolute from strategic formulation to execution.
  • We favor long-term relationships for the unique insights we develop around our clients’ industries and their strategic issues. Your goals are ours.
  • Confidentiality is an integral commitment for which each of our employees is held accountable for every mission.

Traditionally innovative

  • We are Paris’ first independent multi-sectoral specialized firm. This history is a stable anchor in turbulent times and has allowed growing dynamism through the years.
  • We provide a holistic, conflict of interest-free approach to every position and structural issue.
  • Every solution we have developed and we propose is tailor-made to fit our clients’ needs and to generate maximal value.
  • Gimar’s 2020 integration of leading Parisian Fintech experts positions the firm for a new wave of innovation and broadening our cross-disciplinary expertise.

Framing tomorrow, today

  • Our supervisory board is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals, seasoned public and private sector bankers, former high-level civil servants, and country experts. These individuals employ their collective experience and networks to securing your objectives.
  • We provide direct access to institutions and resource providers.
  • Our proximity to clients and lack of conflict of interest makes us an agile and reactive partner in all transactions.
  • We are results-driven, blending technical knowledge with sectoral expertise.
  • Our proven track record includes overseeing landmark deals and special situations, both nationally and internationally.